O.k. Calm down. We are three days into the new year and you’re already freaking out about your resolutions and the fact that you’ve failed them all! You are already over reacting.

Let me guess, your resolutions looked something like this?

May I suggest that instead of going into the “I’m a failure” mode of thinking, just readjust your resolutions to be more realistic for the time being? When you’re feeling a little more confident from being so successful, readjust your resolutions again later in the year and slowly and systematically increase the difficulty. That way, you make a bunch of small incremental successes that will lead to a year of great success overall.

How about this instead?

See? Easier. Doable. A foundation to build on.

And by all means, don’t get me wrong. Don’t aim for less, just break it up into smaller, more digestible chunks that you can do. Keep those original goals, look at them and know what you’re ultimately aiming for but don’t discourage yourself with too big of a task. I want to see you aim for every one of your resolutions and keep to it. I know you can do it.

Now, go forth into 2017 and KICK IT’S ASS!!!

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