This is I’m sure you’re just losing your mind now that you’ve found this wondrous piece of internet.  Please try to control yourself, take off your shoes, and please watch out for roving weasels. We are weasel friendly and they are allowed to roam freely.

April (hair) and Damon (no hair)
April (hair) and Damon (no hair)

My name is April (I have purple hair). I am married to Damon (He has no hair). We live in Oregon.

Fatsy looking irritated and Prajna is so bored she's comatose.
Fatsy looking irritated and Prajna is so bored she’s comatose.

We have two cats and enjoy heavy metal while sipping a fine merlot dispensed from only the fanciest of cardboard boxes.

I am in school to learn the art of Fitness Training. I’ve decided to do a career change. I want to help other people get healthier since I found that I love the way I feel. I loved it so much, I decided to start my own company.  

I have Lethologica. It drives me insane and makes going back to school so much harder, but here we go.

I write. A lot. About a lot of things. It’ll mostly be about health and fitness, but you can find it all here on my blog.

I used to do podcasts. I have the old archives of those days saved here. I’m thinking of doing a new podcast or webcast about health and fitness. I’ll keep you posted. I do warn you, the old podcasts are not family friendly in the least.

I was a web developer once. I’m not doing that anymore. Don’t contact me about it. I am really trying to focus on my fitness and since it’s become such a passion, I really want to keep going in that direction.

I have the lofty goal of creating a family photo album on this site. I took on the task of being the family photo keeper and I’ve digitized quite a bit of my mom’s old family photos.  I have them filed away but want to share them. I have a lot more that I need to get scanned so I can put them online somewhere for family to find if they want them.

Got something to say to me? Email me (fitness at gallaty dot com) or reply to me on one of the blog posts or hit me up on social media. I’m very quick to reply.