Hey! We’re one quarter into 2017! How you doing?

I am continuously failing AND making progress. I’ve had a rough new year. I can’t seem to stick to any type of exercise for too long. My short attention span gets the better of me and I’ve let it dominate for the better part of the year so far.

I’ve slacked on my diet. I’ve slacked on my exercise. I’ve put 10 lbs. back on. That’s the bad news (or the fail).






Here’s the good news!

I’ve NOT put on 55 lbs. That means I’m still down 45 lbs! I’m trying very hard to get my concentration and motivation back and I will. The point of me telling you this and pointing out that I’m having trouble is that we have to remember that we won’t succeed all the time. In fact, we probably won’t succeed most of the time. The key is to keep trying. It sucks sooooo bad, but keep trying. Remember that you’re not alone in your healthier life choices and we’re all working at it. Let me know if you need a hand up and I’ll help. Just FYI, I may need your help from time to time as well. 😉

The takeaway that I hope you have from this is that you shouldn’t let failure discourage you. It’s hard to not go into a bad place with failures. By it’s nature, it’s a bad thing. However, it means you’ve done something, you’ve tried and now you know how NOT to do something. Use that.

Consistency is the key for me. I’ve found over the years that just being consistent and pushing forward allows me to keep making progress. It’s similar to how flowing water trickled over rocks and eventually wore down into the grand canyon. Sure, sometimes a critical thing would happen and large pieces of debris and rocks would fall away and you’d think, “WOW!!! Look at that!” but most of the time, it’s just the slow trickle of water.

Just keep your head down, push forward and keep thinking of that goal you have in mind (like better blood pressure or a lower A1C) and when you get it, look up and think, “Wow!!! Look at that!” and then, put your head down and push to the next goal.

That’s all I’m doing. I’m just pushing towards that next goal.

What’s your next goal?

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